Monday, May 24, 2010

Is It Time For A Virtual Office

Inc. Magazine produced its April issue with employees working from home, coffee shops, restaurants, malls, etc. The publication made the decision to become a virtual operation, shunning its office and cubicles.
Is it time you start considering the virtual office.? Let's face it, small firms have a definite advantage when it comes to the virtual company. We are already lean and nimble and most small firm employees have become extremely flexible and productive over the years, mostly because they've had no choice.
The benefits: Cost savings (no more rent, janitorial, repairs, electricity, etc.) and increased productivity (no more idle time during rush hour and chatting with the guys about last night's game).
The downside: Clients may look down on your operation and a lack of employee interaction.
Like anything else in business, it will come down to your employees. Are they professional, motivated and dedicated enough to make it work?
As far as Inc., senior writer Max Chafkin told Folio magazine: "Nobody really hated it. I was more productive but less happy. You spend a big chunk of your life coming into the office, and it becomes a source of satisfaction."
--Ron Ameln, SBM