Friday, April 14, 2006

What Investors Look For

* Enthusiasm of the entrepreneur.
* Trustworthiness of the entrepreneur.
* Sales potential of the product.
* Expertise of the entrepreneur.
* Liking the entrepreneur upon meeting.
* Growth potential of the market.
* Quality of the product.
* Perceived financial rewards (for investors).
* Niche market.
* Track record of the entrepreneur(s).

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Managing Passwords

Simplify your passwords and have a logical, systematic method for selecting each. Most passwords now require numbers and letters, so try to create combinations of the same ideas. For example, if your pet's name is Earl and your mother's birthday is in June, you can do multiple combinations of those ingredients, such as 06Earl or Earl061945. Try to catalog your passwords with the company contact information, or consolidate them all in one confidential file area.


If possible, keep your username and password information connected with the website address. This allows you to quickly view all necessary access information in a single document or view.
Use third party software to manage your passwords that keep them safe on your handheld and in your computer.
If you choose to keep a paper record of passwords, treat it as carefully as you would your credit card information, and keep a separate backup list for use in canceling and changing your passwords should your main list leave your control.
This information is excerpted from Organize Your Work Day In No Time authored by K.J. McCorry, Que Publishing, 2005. K.J. McCorry is the owner of Officiency, Inc., an efficiency and productivity consulting company. For more information click here.