Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Is Your Enthusiasm Contagious

Part of what drives entrepreneurs is a love of what they do. Passionate and enthusiastic businesspeople are natural marketers. To woo customers and give them confidence in your abilities, it helps to exude excitement--even joy--in your work.
The problem is most of us have been trained to act subdued and restrained in our professional dealings. If so, we may be robbing ourselves of an inherent childlike quality--enthusiasm.
Test your skills at showing enthusiasm by taking this quiz, which is based on "The Dolphin Dynamic," by Laura Laaman.
1. Do you make a conscious effort to smile? Yes/No
2. Do you use open handed gestures? Yes/No
3. Do you convey a "Can-Do" attitude by stating the positive first? Yes/No
4. Do you grab your customers' attention by using dynamic greetings? Yes/No
5. Do you come out from behind your desk or counter when communicating with people? Yes/No
6. Do you use your customers' names when addressing them? Yes/No
7. Do you look for common ground with your customers? Yes/No
8. Are you able to be positive about your product, even when discussing a negative aspect of it? Yes/No
9. Have you ever tape-recorded your voice in order to hear and improve your speech? Yes/No
10. Do you make it a point to compliment the people with whom you are trying to connect? Yes/No
Scoring: Give yourself one point for each correct answer. The correct answer to all questions is yes.
Excellent: 9-10 points. Your enthusiasm is heartfelt, and people feel good in your presence.
Good: 7-8 points. Overall, you make a solid effort to integrate enthusiasm when you meet with customers.
Poor: 6 points or less. Like most people, you probably feel enthusiasm underneath, but are afraid to let it show. Remember, your enthusiasm will create enthusiasm within your customers.