Friday, December 16, 2005

Presenting To Potential Investors

A few minutes isn't a lot of time to share your vision and dream with potential investors. Whether you're standing before a group of investors or discussing your enterprise over the phone, being prepared is the only way to make the most of your brief opportunity.
Here are a few tips:
* Share the basic company information (company name, where located, what you do).
* Describe the status of the business, including market size, management, etc.
* Explain your dollar requirements and how you will use the funds.
* Practice, practice, practice.
* Videotape yourself and look for ways to improve.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Proofreading Tips

Never let any document leave your desk until you have proofread it at least once. Here are some proofreading guidelines provided by Mary Ward Menke, owner of WordAbilities, a writing and editing service:
* Take a break between writing and proofreading. Proofread with “fresh eyes.”
* Always proofread a hard copy. Never try to proofread on your computer screen—when you proofread on the screen, you see what you meant to write.
* Proofread away from your office. When you proofread in the same place you have written the document, you are inclined to make the correction as soon as you find the mistake.
* Always proofread aloud. When you read aloud, you will see mistakes you might overlook while reading silently.
* Get a second pair of eyes to proofread, especially complex documents or documents that will be sent to people outside your company. It’s easier to find others’ mistakes than our own.
For more tips on proofreading, click here.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Blog Receives Honor

Attention readers and supporters of the Business Growth Weblog: Our blog is this week's featured blog on the Small Business blog directory. Congratulations for making the blog a worthwhile read. Let's keep the momentum rolling in 2006. Check out the following link to the Small Business Blog directory for more information on the honor.

New Business Tax Deduction

Starting in 2005, businesses will have a new tax deduction available to them. The Internal Revenue Code Section 199 “production deduction” is equal to 3% of the lesser of (1) the business’s total taxable income or (2) the business’s “qualified production activities income” for the year. The deduction is also limited to 50% of W-2 wages paid during the year. Qualified production activities include manufacturing, production, growth or extraction of qualifying production property by a taxpayer in whole or significantly within the United States. Your tax professional can tell you if your business is a “Qualified Production Activity.”
Because of the W-2 wage limitation, this is the time to be calculating your 2005 deduction. If your wages are too low to take the entire deduction, you may want to make year-end bonuses or take other action to ensure that the entire deduction is available to you. Calculating your deduction now may also affect the estimated tax payment you make for January and other tax planning for 2006. This deduction will remain at 3% for 2006 and gradually increase to 9% after 2009. Give your tax professional a call to see if you qualify for this new deduction.
This tax tip was provided by Kevin C. Boeving, CPA, Poppen & Associates, CPA’s, P.C. For more information on the upcoming tax season, visit