Friday, December 09, 2005

Webinars: Getting Started

Conducting webinars can build awareness for your company, differentiate your products and services from the competition, create new leads and help retain your customer base. However, producing a customer webinar requires planning and strategy. Many companies, even large corporations, put on poorly run webinars. It all comes down to proper planning. Mark Rice, managing director of Webinar Resources, offers some tips. Check out the following article to learn more.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Identity Theft 101

One of the most significant dilemmas facing businesses today is identity theft, the fastest growing crime in the United States, according to the National Crime Prevention Council. As a business owner or head of a company, it is your responsibility to ensure that the personal information of your employees, customers and vendors doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The repercussion for a small- or medium-sized business that is victimized by identity theft can be drastic, if not fatal. That’s why education and a plan of action to safeguard privileged information against the evolving tactics of identity theft are essential.
Albert Marcella, CEO of Business Automation Consultants, a global information technology and management firm, recently wrote an informative article on the subject. Click here to read the article.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Is Your Website Helping Or Hurting You?

We all know the basic structure of a website by now…a home page, info “about us,” product or service details and a contact page. Maybe you’ve even got an online store. But is your website truly customer-centric? Think about your favorite websites. Chances are, you visit these websites because they make your life easier, not because they have an “about us” page. Technology guru, Wendy Gauntt, recently wrote an article showing how websites can make your customers’ lives easier. Click here to check it out.