Monday, March 06, 2006

Stretching Your Ad Budget

Looking to stretch your advertising dollars. Here is some helpful advice from SCORE, (Service Corps of Retired Executives):
1. Have a distinctive business card and hand them out plentifully. Use a photograph of you on your business card. Or, better yet, use a caricature. This is a little whimsical to be sure, but people will remember it and are more likely to keep the card. It will probably even generate a chuckle. You can also use the caricature of you on your notepads since it will print better than a photograph.
2. Buy a fountain pen. Yes, a fountain pen. The fountain pen, while rarely used today, is a marvelous business tool. It makes a statement that not even your Mont Blanc ballpoint can quite match. The line drawn by a fountain pen has a look all its own and becomes a pleasure to use. The pen just seems to invite you to drop notes to customers. And, a handwritten letter or note to a prospect or existing customer will be opened. Guaranteed! This is the best direct mail you can do. So buy some card stock note forms with attached envelopes and drop notes like mad. This would be the best use for your fountain pen, and it really works. You can buy one at an office supply store for about $30.
3. Develop a customer or prospect mailing list and send a tip-of-the-month related to your business. This will further emphasize your professional capability.