Monday, September 11, 2006

Top 5 Internet Business Trends For 2006

Joyce Mote, of the innovative website, reveals
some of the top Internet business trends for 2006. Many of these
have been a direct result of online technology while others are
prime examples of how everyday businesses can be transformed into
online businesses.
1. Food Industry. Just as it is off-line, the food industry is booming online as well. Consumers are "fed up" with the same old local foods and are venturing online to buy unique or unusual foods.
2. Online Security. Security is still a major concern for online businesses
this year. Those businesses that store lots of information are especially concerned with keeping their online databases secure. Businesses offering security software and third-party security services such as shredding, site surveillance, secure database storage and data backup have been popular in 2006.
3. Personal Technology. From cell phones to online games, millions of consumers
have jumped on the bandwagon of technology in their personal lives. This has opened the door widely for Internet businesses that offer personal technology gadgets and devices. Cell phone add-ons are particularly popular, from cell phone covers to downloadable music and ring tones.
4. Home Improvement and Decor. Buying decor items or home improvement products from the web is another hot trend for 2006.
5. Products for Children. Kids' products are also popular online. There are unique
toy businesses, educational software sites, fun and games sites, children's clothing sites and many others.