Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Top 10 Things To Consider When Selling A Business

10. Is my family in agreement that now is the best time to sell?
9. Is now the best time to sell based on the historical profit performance of my company?
8. Have I hired the appropriate advisors (investment banker, accountant, lawyer) to help me through the sale?
7. Do I have a realistic $ expectation of what cash I will receive after tax?
6. Is my business in the proper condition to sell?
5. Who do I want to sell to (management, strategic, financial)?
4. How can I protect confidentiality during a sale?
3. Is my goal at closing to receive the highest enterprise value, the highest cash value, or find the best overall fit?
2. Am I willing to help finance a transaction through seller financing and (or what indemnification an I willing to give a buyer)?
1. Am I interested in achieving additional value through an equity rollover in the business.?
Source: Chuck Emmenegger, Omnia Group,