Thursday, November 09, 2006

PR Myth No. 3

Myth No. 3: Just because I’m in business means my company should be mentioned.
Reality: Companies with well-developed, fascinating background stories make for better reading.

Business owners should have a story to tell. Most importantly, the story has to be interesting and add value for readers or listeners. “Just because you’re in business doesn’t mean you have a good story,” said Steve Turner, owner of Solomon Turner PR. “There has to be a good background to the article, something that makes it unique from other kinds of businesses.”
Denise Bentele, president and CEO of Common Ground Public Relations, Inc., advises her clients to find ways to tell their stories through multiple avenues. Ask yourself: Is this a business story? A trade industry story? An economic impact story? Is there a human story to the enterprise? Cultivate all of these angles so that when you do start talking to media, says Bentele, you’re able to impress reporters from different beats within the media. “Remember,” she says, “you’re not only talking to business reporters, you’re trying to get into other sections of a paper or another news outlet.”


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