Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Operating As A Team--6 Key Factors

Want your firm to operate better as a team. See if you are following these six key factors for operating successfully as a team:
1. Does the organization have a clear plan and do all the people in the organization have a complete understanding of that plan? By people, I mean everyone from the mailroom to the boardroom.
2. Does everyone in the organization have a thorough understanding of his or her job and how it fits into the overall objectives of the organization? People need to feel that their contribution is important.
3. Does each person have the tools, knowledge and training needed to do his or her job, and is there a periodic review of activities and results?
4. Are the people compensated and rewarded for doing their jobs well and is there a culture of constant improvement embedded in everyone?
5. Are there disciplinary procedures in place for those who do not work as a part of the team and pull their weight?
6. Is there a culture of communication throughout the organization so that the team members know progress is being made or when the organization is falling short of its goals and objectives?
Source: Jack Hoffmann (jfh@milestone-solutions.com) is the president of Milestone Solutions, a consulting firm assisting companies of all sizes to maximize their business and people performance.


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