Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Safeguard Your Computers From Spyware

If your company or personal computers connect to the Internet, it is imperative to have an action plan that recognizes this threat to protecting your proprietary data. It is no small threat, and small businesses are targeted as much as big businesses by automated infiltration programs. In fact, in its “State of Spyware—Q2 2006” report analyzing the impact of Spyware on businesses and consumers, Webroot Software, Inc. found that 89% of computers are infected.
Unfortunately, free Anti-Spyware solutions lack the sophistication to protect against the latest breeds of Spyware. While several good antivirus products are available to provide Spyware scanning, more is required. Four additional steps will help you prevent Spyware infiltration:
1. Installing a pop-up blocker.
2. Using a firewall.
3. Keeping your software updated.
4. Being selective when downloading software and other programs from the Internet. Be especially wary of free file sharing programs.
It is also advisable to develop a business relationship with a technology partner who can keep you apprised and updated with the latest solutions and protection. Business owner complacency creates an easy port of entry. Take steps today to avoid being a victim.
Source: Elizabeth Elliott Niedringhaus ( is president of SSE, Inc. a technology firm that helps scores of businesses with proactively managing their computer systems and protecting their operations from online threats.


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