Thursday, March 30, 2006

Improving Your Business: Dispelling The E-Myth

“Work on your business, not just in your business.” That one sentence, taken from Michael Gerber’s 1986 book, “The E-Myth,” turned Bill Collier’s company around.
According to Collier, if all you’re doing is the work of a technician, then you’re going to be stuck on a treadmill forever and you’re eventually going to implode. Collier said, “The things we need to be doing include: delegating, putting systems together, and making yourself less indispensable to the business.”
Collier, a professional business advisor, forged years of experience working in a corporate position and later founding his own businesses. After selling his company, BC Group International, Inc, in 2005, he formed Collier Business Advisors, LLC. Collier is also the co-owner of a small manufacturing company in Kirkwood. His book, “How To Succeed as a Business Owner… and Still Have a Life,” is currently being published. The “The E-Myth” book has been a tremendous influence on Collier, who has adopted many of its principles into his businesses along with his current consulting practice.
Read the following article to find out how "The E-Myth" philosophy may change your business.


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