Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Purchasing A Copy Machine

It’s time to stop thinking in simple terms when it comes to purchasing a copying machine. The current trend is focused more on multifaceted output devices. John Tipton, president of Da-Com Corporation, a company that sells high-speed duplicators and other office machines, says that more and more businesses are purchasing all-in-one machines that can do a variety of things such as copy, print, fax and scan.
“The days of just buying a machine to do nothing but make copies is just about over,” says Tipton, “Everyone is more interested in producing documents, and a lot of emphasis is on digital machines that can scan and email directly and store it in a digital storage device.”
These multi-functional devices are making business more efficient and enabling small companies to operate a lot more economically rather than owning and operating a variety of stand-alone machines. The savings are clear. “New high-speed printers alone can save a company two-to-three times what it takes to create a document on an old-line printer; the cost per page is dramatically higher with these older machines.”
For advice on choosing the right copier, visit http://www.buyerzone.com/office_equipment/copiers-digital/buyers_guide2.html


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