Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Boss From Hell, Continued

Are You Becoming The Boss From Hell?
To see if you are becoming or have already become the boss from hell, answer these questions from a training system called Strategies for High Involvement Leadership by Development Dimensions International:
1. Do you find yourself raising your voice more frequently?
2. Are the to-do piles on your desk growing?
3. Do your staff members avoid eye contact with you?
4. Do you feel as though you could not take a one-week vacation without things falling apart?
5. Are you withholding information from employees because it seems to take too long to communicate with them?q Is there low energy in your company or your department?
6. Do you feel a sense of futility about most of your efforts?
7. Is your day spent fighting fires instead of lighting fires to inspire others?
8. Do you try to avoid accepting responsibility for your mistakes?
9. Do you provide time to discuss problems and issues, provide information, or communicate the organization’s goals with your subordinates?
10. Do you spend more of your time making sure employees are doing the right things than developing yourself as a leader?
11. Do you give more negative than positive feedback?


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