Monday, September 22, 2008

Turn Your Business Into An Experience

As a sports fan, I’m amazed how one sporting event can come down to a matter of inches. A football player that steps just an inch out of bounds can change the direction of a game. If a home run hitter connects with a fast ball just a half-inch from the sweetest part of the bat, the result is an easy fly ball to center instead of a tape-measure home run. Business is no different. In business, there is such a fine line between success and failure. And, ironically, something that seems so minor can often have a major impact.
In many cases, it comes down to thinking differently. Can you stop thinking differently? Can you find a way to create an experience that customers will always remember and will tell others?
Lammert’s Restaurant in Sikeston, Mo., certainly understands the importance of creating an experience. Last month a friend of mine sat outside in the rain just to get into the place. Was it because the food was so fantastic? Of course not. She just wanted to get a "throwed roll."
It doesn’t take a lot of money to turn your business into an experience. It doesn’t take a lot of business experience or a prestigious degree. It just takes the ability to step back and think differently, and to stop thinking like your competitors. Anyone can do that.
Every business owner should ask the question, "How can I turn my business into an experience?"
If you can answer that question, clients will come to love your business. And in the great game of inches, you’ll have the competition beat by at least a foot.


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