Sunday, September 28, 2008

In Memory: Mary Ameln 1944-2008

It's amazing the impact we all have on the lives of others.
I started to think about this following the death of my mother, Mary Ameln. She passed away Sept. 27 at her home in Las Vegas.
If an observer would take a look at my mother's life (maybe even my mother herself), it would be easy to think she didn't have much of an impact on the world we live in. I mean, my mother never graduated from high school (she never finished the 10th grade); she was never CEO of a Furtune 500 firm; she never won a Gold medal; climbed Mount Everest or wrote a best seller. In fact, if you Google her name its as if she never existed. Her primary job over the years was raising three children.
I would certainly make the argument that my mother's accomplishments are much more valuable than the ones listed above.
The values and morals my mother has passed along to myself, my two sisters, her five grandchildren and her many friends and family members are invaluable contributions. The way I handle adversity, challenges and my work ethic are all a direct reflection of my mother's influence. These traits will last generations, being passed down from generation to generation.
Climbing Mount Everest is nice, but no one will remember your name 10 years later. My mother's contributions to this great land will last generations.
--Ron Ameln, SBM


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