Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Will My Employee Go Postal?

I just read an interesting article in this month’s edition of Men’s Health magazine. The article talked about whether or not one of your employees might go postal.
Mark Safarik, a 23-year veteran of the FBI, offered the following tip for spotting that pre-postal employee:
“Look around his cubicle. If his walls are plastered with pictures of his family and him fishing, he’s probably not a risk. On the other hand, if the walls are blank, or push-pinned with complaints, or everything appears obsessively neat, he bears watching.”
I started to think about our employees. I started to check off, in my mind, who in the office has pictures on the walls. Only one person failed the test. A nice young girl we hired about nine months ago. Nine months. Nothing on her wall. Now I’m worried. Her office is also obsessively neat.
I must admit, I don’t have anything on my walls but the obsessively neat thing pretty much takes me out of contention.
Then I remembered. This young lady just hung something on her wall a few weeks ago.
A Chicago Cubs banner.
The ONLY thing hanging in her office right now is a Chicago Cubs banner.
That can’t be a good sign.
I hope her family doesn’t own any firearms.


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