Thursday, December 29, 2005

7 Questions For A More Productive 2006

Did your company perform as expected in 2005? Did you reach your goals?
If you want to build a thriving company in 2006, answer the following questions. Good answers to these questions will lead the way to a productive year.
1. Are you gaining feedback from customers?Entrepreneurs listen to customers and gain feedback. This is how they discover great ideas. Successful entrepreneurs are out in the field finding out what customers really want and need.
2. Are you looking for more opportunities, both inside and outside the organization?
Successful companies are not afraid to dump old products and move on to new ones.
3. Do you have a mentor? Mentors can jump-start an entrepreneur’s knowledge level, link him or her up with new contacts, offer feedback on ideas, plans and strategies and even provide help in raising capital.
4. Have you built an A-team?Savvy entrepreneurs bring people into the organization who are smarter and more skilled than they are. They then create incentives to keep them. The best entrepreneurs are clearly team builders.
5. Are you giving something back to the community?Good will often ends up being a business strategy. The community basically says, “You support us, we will support you.”
6. Are you radiating your passion? Success belongs to people with passion. Zeal sustains entrepreneurs during the ups and downs. It becomes contagious, rubbing off on employees and customers.
7. Are you providing mind-boggling service? When you deliver legendary customer service, customers will rave about your company and become tremendously loyal.


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