Monday, November 28, 2005

RSS Feeds: How Can They Help Your Business?

RSS feeds provide significant opportunities for businesses and organizations to create new revenue streams, interest and a collaborative environment for their organizations. Mark Ames, vice president of Millennium Communications Inc., a full-service public relations firm with offices in St. Louis and Springfield, Mo., says that with RSS feeds, your business can:
* Bypass email. RSS feeds are read by desktop software and delivered directly to your target when they turn on their computer.
* Syndicate your rich content directly to your target prospects who have subscribed to news feeds in your niche market.
* Brand yourself. Since RSS feeds allow your content to be circulated and syndicated, you can brand yourself as an expert to those who are most interested in your product or service.
* Increase traffic. RSS feeds can be submitted to RSS feed directories. These directories will list your site within 24 hours, which translates to more traffic to your site.
* Create private networks that cater specifically to your internal and external audiences. These networks may include wikis, blogs and/or podcasts.
For more information on RSS feeds, click here.


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