Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Leasing Office Furniture

In addition to outright purchase, rental or leasing programs are often overlooked as many people do not really understand why to use them.
Renting helps you achieve fast solutions to short-term and urgent office furniture needs by helping conserve capital and giving you more flexibility.
Deron Mann of Westport Office Furniture offers the following benefits of leasing office furniture:
Leasing works for any type of business—Every imaginable type of business and/or organization throughout the world leases equipment or furniture. Over 80% of American businesses lease some of their equipment and nearly 90% say they would choose to lease again.
Make better use of capital—Conventional bank loans usually require more money upfront than leasing and often have restrictive covenants. Banks usually will require a 10%-20% down payment. Leasing generally requires only one or two payments upfront, which are applied to future payments.
Finance 100% of costs—In most cases, the full amount of the equipment or furniture, as well as the shipping and installation and maintenance costs can be included in the lease. This spreads the payments out evenly over the term of the lease and frees up working capital for other areas.
Tailor a solution to meet needs—Leasing is flexible. Customize the length of time and the amount of the monthly payments to meet desired business needs.
Tax advantages—Depending on the structure of the lease, the entire monthly payment including interest may be written off as a deduction for the whole term.
Protect credit lines—Bank credit lines remain intact for other needs.


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