Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Computer Security Still An Important Issue

Worried about your computer security? You should be.
Don Barnes, of PeaceFrog Productions, LLC, a technology company, believes one of the most vital things for business owners to consider is off-site back-ups for their data. Statistically speaking, Barnes says, 90% of small businesses that lose their data to drive failures and don’t have redundant back-ups or off-site back-ups end up going out of business.
Data back-up and protection is imperative in today’s business market, no matter what business you’re in, states Barnes. “Make sure you’re backing up your data on at least a weekly basis, although I recommend doing it daily. It may seem like a hassle, but it’s nothing compared to what could happen if you lost your client database or the latest project data to a hard drive failure. As an IT buddy of mine is always saying, ‘It isn’t if you’re hard drive is going to fail—it’s when.”
For more computer security basics, read this article by David Young of Cytoclonal Pharmaceutics, Inc.


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