Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can You Ask "That Question?"

A friend of mine was recently invited to a suite to watch a Cardinals baseball game. Towards the end of the game he noticed the attendant bring in a full tub of beef brisket. Knowing the food wouldn't be eaten before the end of the game, he asked the attendant, "Where does this food go at the end of the game?"
"The trash," said the attendant.
The next day my friend called up his business contact with the Cardinals and arranged a meeting with a representative from Operation Food Search.
The two talked and found a corporate sponsor to purchase two big refrigerators that now sit in the kitchen at Busch Stadium. Now, the unused food from the corporate suites goes into the refrigerator each night and Operation Food Search picks it up the next morning.
During the Cardinals first home stand, close to 7,000 meals were provided thanks to this food. With 15 home stands this year, that makes 105,000 meals.
One Person. One Question. 105,000 people fed.
This story isn't really about food. It's about being "that Guy" that asks "that Question." There are probably millions of questions out there that need to be asked each day. Asking those questions can probably help thousands and thousands of people.
Are you the person that can ask that question?
--Ron Ameln, SBM


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