Wednesday, April 06, 2005

E-mail as a Marketing Tool

If you are like most companies, the number of times your employees “touch” people with e-mails daily is huge. E-mail far outstrips any letters, business cards or brochures in number of impressions.
E-mail has evolved far beyond an informal method for sending notes. If your employees communicate via e-mail, make certain they follow some rules:
1. Use only an HTML “corporate letterhead” that is consistent throughout the company. This should include your logo, contact information and a specific font.
2. Require that all employees have the automatic spell check enabled.
3. Prohibit the use of “instant messaging abbreviations” such as “CU” (see you) and others. These are appropriate only for communications with friends, not business associates.
4. Forbid the forwarding of chain letters, prayers, jokes, cartoons or pictures using company e-mail. Many recipients find them irritating, and it is only too easy to send them to the wrong person.
E-mail has come fully into its own as a business communications tool. Your professional impression can be greatly enhanced or damaged by the look and quality of your employees’ e-mail.
John Dini, TAB-Certified Facilitator, San Antonio, TX


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